We're a small, family owned and run business. We specialize in the truth on fresh and offer 130 different coffees in 8 grinds plus whole bean. All of our coffees are 100% High Grade Arabica and roasted fresh. You can order online at www.coffeefool.com and email us with any questions at executivefools@coffeefool.com!

The Coffee Fool Difference    cfguy-188px.png

If you're a tad adventurous like us, you look for stuff that will change your life for the better. But in a world with millions of products, great things are not always so easy to find. So hey, you found our ad while you were doing something else and decided to check out a potential new coffee experience. Thanks for stopping by. 

Why are we different? Well firstly, you'll have a hard time finding us in grocery stores. That's because we don't lie to our customers. We tell you right on our bags that coffee in grocery stores is not fresh, so obviously grocery chains aren't very big fans of ours. Secondly, coffee in stores is simply not going to be of a very high grade. Grocery store brands and coffee chains sell way too much coffee and need too much profit margin to really give you the very highest, well "high". 

And we say "high" with a bit of jest, but it is true that our really great, top grade beans purchased from only the finest estates will leave your head in a funky euphoria for hours. It's so good, it's intensely psychoactive. But let's keep that little fact on the QT as we don't want Uncle Sam regulating more stuff in our lives. 

We're small, independent and unconventional here at Coffee Fool, something you probably could have guessed from our name. But nevertheless, we do love to seek out the very finest coffee in the world - we're fools for the best. 

Give us a chance. We promise to use our foolishness to bring you one of the best experiences of your coffee drinking career. You'll be surprised to find that you no longer need cream or sugar in your coffee (bitterness gone). There will never be a burnt taste in your mouth. And you'll always be rewarded with a smile after every sip. It will simply be the best, freshest coffee you've ever tasted or your money back!