We offer 28 different coffees in pods here at Coffee Fool. Compatible with Keurig and many other popular single serve pod coffee machines that have taken the coffee market by storm. What's different about our pods?

Well, normal pod coffee has to wait a day or two before it can be packed in those little foils. Not ours. We pack our coffee as soon as it comes out of the roaster directly into our specially engineered, valved bags. This gets coffee to you at the very best freshness. It costs you less and has less impact on the environment (all of our pods are 100% biodegradable), and you don’t have to fuss with ground coffee that gets everywhere. Fresh, cost-effective, less waste, and no hassle!

Purchase the Perfect Pod EZ-Cup to try our pods in any Keurig machine! Plus, you will receive 25 paper filters if you want to try our Drip Grind coffee in the holster. Unlock all Coffee Fool coffees in single-serve!

Email us with questions at executivefools@coffeefool.com